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Call it Preface!

As a whole life music fan, jazz mostly as you can easy guess, I decided to start my own blog.Again.

As titled – it suppose to be focused on jazz events around a world I had a pleasure to be a part of. But ,not exclusively as my hunger for music pushes me often in different directions. Some of them are related with jazz, others came from varied constellations. Having a huge archive of photos as well as many sketches, notes , reviews etc.

I thought it is a time to put it all into an order and share with other people who has the same passions and interests like myself. Some of these materials had been published before in different magazines. Some started as my own projects which never had been finished eventually. But amount of work to make them done and proper subject research previous to it deserve them to see a day light in my modest opinion.

Well ,that’s enough to say at the moment I believe . Hope that reading and watching what I have here to say and display will bring the same pleasure to YOU guys as it brought to me when I experienced it ;- {()

{ps: You will see for some time few things unfinished there and titles displayed but not completed. That will apply to the archives. Current events would be covered with a decent recency. All together it will get there, but it have to take time too. Things left for long can not be done easy when fighting for time with an ongoing things. }